“STRIVE was one of the proudest achievements of my life, a truly enriching challenge” – Richard Branson

2018 Virgin STRIVE Challenge Logo


Since 2012 we have been spearheading positive change for young people in the UK by assembling groups of
extraordinary people to challenge themselves, fundraise for Big Change and have the experience of a lifetime!

In September 2018, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, disruptors, philanthropists, inspirational speakers,
extraordinary young people and educational trailblazers will form a diverse tribe of Big Changers,
striving to transform the way we support the next generation.


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    It's a philosophy

    Growth happens when you step out of your comfort zone to achieve bold ambitions; magic happens when you do it with others.

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    It’s tough but accessible

    We create challenges that push people right to their limits but are also accessible to everyone. Participants will have to strive to complete their journey.

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    It’s more than a physical challenge

    It’s the coming together of people united by a common set of values and a need to work together to always improve the world.


Watch the 2018 video below…



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