“When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible” – Howard Schultz

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Thank you to our partners

September saw a group of extraordinary individuals leave their comfort zones and achieve an incredible physical feat. Over the course of 31 days this team adventurers travelled over 1700kms, climbing nearly 34,000 m[...]


Primal Cure’s top health and nutrition tips

The 2018 Virgin STRIVE Challenge is our most adventurous yet – a tough challenge requiring mental and physical strength. With this in mind, sponsor and wellness company Primal Cure have shared their ‘primal’ philosophy with these top [...]


Jigsaw Medical’s 5 Ps for Injury Prevention

There’s no getting away from it – this year’s Virgin STRIVE Challenge is physically tough. It’s our most adventurous yet and, while we’re excited about it, we also take safety and wellbeing very seriously. We’re therefore really[...]


Big Change Project Breakfast

“How can I, in really simple terms, explain this to my network?” This request, put forward by one of our Strivers at last week’s Big Change Project breakfast – is one we’ve been giving a lot of thought to at STRIVE HQ. The [...]


STRIVE gets Primal

At STRIVE we believe in challenging ourselves – bringing together extraordinary people to step out of their comfort zones to achieve bold ambitions. Today we want you to meet one of our amazing Strivers – Steve Bennett, fitness guru, entrepren[...]


AKQA sponsors STRIVE

“What makes a Big Changer? Someone who is prepared to look at things differently”. These words, spoken by Beatrice York, Big Change Co-Founder, at last week’s Alumni Event really struck a chord as we look forward to STRIVE 2018. Fre[...]


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